Guaranteed coverage when you need it in four simple steps……..


Using our fully certified WiFi testing software we will attend your site and complete a full WiFi survey. Testing for signal strength, data rate, channel overlaps, sources of interference and much more!


The survey data allows our skilled engineers to identify both strengths and weaknesses in your current provision. You will receive a full survey report showing the access points and current coverage.


Armed with a mass of data we will determine the best locations for access points to balance internet speeds with minimal interference. We will design a complete and secure Wifi solution to satisfy your needs for today as well as future requirements.


All of our Wifi installations and enhancements are covered by the latest security encryption protocols, thus ensuring security compliance and providing you with total peace of mind.

We were very happy with the recent service you provided in the installation of our new wireless system for our East London veterinary practice.
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  • Eliminates guess work - Over and underestimating your points will have a direct effect on the usability and cost of your network
  • Overcome any challenges that currently limit your coverage
  • Network design to match your requirements and adequate bandwidth to meet traffic needs
  • Offer a Wi-Fi network that is security compliant
  • Coverage guarantee for all devices
  • System management and support

Heat Maps of the coverage in both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz

  • Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), channel overlap and co-channel interference
  • Data rate and throughput
  • Current access point locations marked on floor plans along with new proposed locations to enhance wi-fi coverage
  • Sources of interference identified and suggestions to reduce this
  • Recommendations
  • Summary

When designing your Wi-Fi Network;

Everything about the physical environment is critical when designing a wireless network, and it’s the first place we’ll start.

What materials were used to construct the building or buildings you are planning to have Wi-Fi in? Is it reinforced concrete, stud construction, cinder blocks, brick, plaster, drywall, in rare cases you may even have steel construction or lead-lined walls? Building materials have different impacts on RF signal crucial and will impact the overall performance of your network design.

We will refer to the building size, layout and identify the most important areas for high density coverage along with potential sources of interference.

Along with devices it is equally important to understand what kinds of applications your network will be supporting;
You may only use business applications or communications such as VoIP or skype or you may offer streaming options such as YouTube or Spotify.

Each application impacts the performance of your network differently and requires different network resources to operate properly.

Many of today’s wireless networks need to be designed to allow access to both business and personal devices without compromising security.

Who will access your wi-fi network? We need to know if access will be granted to just company owned devices, known end-users using their own device or guests (unknown users) – of course you may need to allow access to all three.

With this information in hand we can plan and address who is accessing your network and how and allow you to stay in control of where these guests can go and what they can do on your network.

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