The BT PSTN Switch Off

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The BT PSTN Switch Off

Tue, 24 Nov 2020

You may have seen or heard of the BT switch off in the press?  BT has announced plans to switch off traditional PSTN-analogue phonelines by 2025 and some large telecommunications companies are using this in their marketing calls to business in order to scare them into jumping into new, lengthy VoIP phone system contracts.

In reality, there is plenty of time to consider the best options available for your business’s telecommunications but it is important to understand the implications of the switch off plans and what it actually means for your business.

What is the PSTN Line?

A PSTN is a traditional phoneline much like you will have in your house or in your business and traditionally carries the voice traffic from the BT exchange to your premises.  In recent years these lines have also been used for the supply of broadband internet such as ADSL and more recently FTTC which is also provided over the same PSTN connection.

Currently in order to have ADSL or FTTC installed you have to have a new PSTN connection or existing line available for this service to be provisioned. However, it is now possible to have a FTTC internet service delivered without having to pay for a PSTN line to be supplied and installed. This new service is called SOGEA (Single Order GEA) and is available now (depending on location).

What will replace PSTN? – Future VoIP phone systems

In the next 5 years, there will be a reducing need for PSTN-analogue lines as all voice services will be delivered via the internet line (SOGEA) and voice services will be provided over that line in the form of a digital voice-over IP service (VOIP).  Many businesses have already made the switch to VoIP due to the huge benefits a VoIP phone system brings, as well as the flexibility to work from any internet connection.  Our current VoIP customers have kept their telecommunications running seamlessly even with their entire workforce working from home during the pandemic.

The important thing to note here is that traditional PSTN lines will not be switched off by BT until Dec 2025 with a cease on selling them coming into effect from 2023 so there is absolutely no panic for any business to move away from these services in fear of losing their connections or voice services, as it may be suggested some of the sales calls.  If your telephone contract is due for renewal or if you would like to switch to VoIP ahead of the switch off to reap the many business benefits, then we can help!

Here at SADS we can provide you with a range of Internet services including the new SOGEA connections and for those businesses looking for a more flexible phone system then our range of feature-rich VoIP phone systems would be a perfect match for any business wanting better flexibility from the telecommunications in these difficult times.

Get in touch today and ask to speak with one of our technical account managers to find out how SADS IT can help advise you correctly, to budget and plan for the switch over to to SOGEA and VoIP phone systems. Watch out for the poor and misleading advice being given by others!

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