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Ensure business continuity with disaster recovery

Your business – like every other business today – relies on its IT systems, which is why disaster recovery is critical to ensure ongoing continuity. Disaster recovery is being able to get your systems back online, whether that is recovering data in the event of a cyber attack or ensuring access in a crisis. Robust business continuity planning allows you to hope for the best but prepare for the worst, ensuring decisions can be made quickly in challenging situations. SADS offers the full range of disaster recovery planning, from online backups to local media.

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Every business needs a disaster recovery plan

Here’s why

Human Error (2)
Human Error

Forgetting to save important files, incorrect data entry and improper use of hardware are all examples of what errors can fall into this category.

Hardware Failure
Hardware Failures

Whilst most modern IT hardware is extremely resilient to technical issues, nothing is ever perfect nor immune to failure or external threats.

Cyber Attacks

As technology continues to develop and flourish, as do the ways in which they can fall susceptible to cyber-attacks and sabotage from ill-minded third parties.


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With the constant rise in cyber security threats we needed to ensure that our network was as safe as possible to remain compliant with new regulations. Matt at sads set up two factor authentications, ran several penetration tests and supported us through Cyber Essentials Plus certification. The whole process was made simple thanks to sads and we can now reassure our own customers that their data is safe.
M.D. Accountancy Chain in Kent
We find their support very efficient and knowledgeable. During this time we have only had one major emergency with our server dying and they stepped up immediately and we were up and working again in no time.
AV Trinity
SADS have been with us for the past 14+ years and really helped us through our changes including office moves, refreshing servers and cloud services. Now of course many of us are working from home which SADS Ltd have had to setup and secure this remote access. We have also seen the SADS team develop and grow during this time.
They have kept up to date with every twist and turn in the IT world and kept our business flowing with the latest technology at affordable prices. Their service has been excellent and they have always responded very fast whenever there have been any problems.

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Do you have a disaster recovery plan and can you ensure business continuity?