Backup Solutions: Why are they so important?


Backup Solutions: Why are they so important?

Wed, 4 Jan 2023

Cyber threats seem to increase daily and since the pandemic, there are even more potential vulnerabilities. Protecting your business against the bad intentions of cyber criminals is vital. A cyber-attack can impact on your ability to continue service delivery, on the business’ reputation and also when it comes to financial loss. Backup solutions represent a key part of threat defence – therefore, they are so important.


What are backup solutions?


These are the tools that will essentially keep an exact and up-to-date replica of data so that you can access it at any time. It doesn’t matter how data loss or compromised systems occur, if you’ve got robust backup solutions in place you’ll be able to restore to the most recent point in time and continue operationally. Where your data is being stored on a server hard drive, or on a device like a desktop, backup solutions can maintain a copy of that data. This is done for an entire organisation and to a schedule that ensures that backup is always up to date.


Why are backup solutions so important?


Once your data has been backed up, it is compressed (to take up less space) and can be stored in a local backup server or in the cloud. This is a much more effective process than trying to manually backup large volumes of data across your enterprise. Every department in an organisation will require backup solutions and these can be used to back up everything, from files to images and payment data. These are some of the reasons why it’s so important to have backup solutions in place:


  • Data volumes are significant. Every organisation today handles significant data flows and this can attract a lot of risk, from phishing to malware, file corruption and even internal attacks from disgruntled employees. It’s essential to have a solid structure in place to back this up.
  • Data loss can damage your reputation. It’s all about trust – if you can’t be trusted to look after their data, customers and clients are less likely to trust you with their business going forward.
  • The financial cost. If there is no backup solution in place, then you may have to start again and pay a whole new raft of costs. Don’t forget to factor in all the lost business from the time you are not operational and the potential fines from regulators who may find you guilty of non-compliance with data protection rules.
  • Cyber security isn’t always the only Given the proliferation of cyber-attacks today it may be a case of ‘when’ not ‘if’ your business comes under attack. Hope for the best but prepare for the worse with robust backup solutions in place.
  • The threat landscape is constantly changing. Businesses today can prepare for a certain number of threats – but some will always come out of the blue. Backup solutions mean you’re prepared for whatever happens.


Ensuring you have strong backup solutions is a key part of supporting your business’ growth in the future, even during challenging times.


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