Is your IT security sufficient to tackle the latest cyber security threats facing your business? Are you worried about GDPR IT security compliance?

With new cyber security threats being created every minute, you need peace of mind that your IT security is in order and critical business data is safe from potential attacks.

Having the right IT security solutions in place can protect you from viruses, malware and attacks from the malicious systems and hackers which can put your business, and your customers, at risk.

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Peace of mind your data is secure

Our hosted services are based inside a ring fenced, ISO27001 certified facility with 24/7/365 security teams and technical monitoring systems in place across the site. Resilient power supply with triple network power grid feeds, on site sub stations, fully UPS backed cooling and almost unlimited power per rack.

The data centre has an in-house compliance team, safeguarding your business critical data.

Dedicated Servers

We have dedicated servers within our data center providing backup services exclusively for our customer's data.

Disk Analysis

If data is lost or a hard drive has failed with no backup all is not necessarily lost, we can analyse disks for data recovery (disk condition dependent).

Disaster Recovery

Our disaster recovery solutions range from online backups to servers in a secure data centre, to local backups using local media such as disk and tape drives.

Windows Clustering

Our qualified engineers can discuss and plan server replication/mirroring via Windows server clustering to ensure your business is safe and secure with minimal downtime.

Does your Business have an employee cyber-security policy?

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