Business IT Support and Innate Loyalty

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Business IT Support and Innate Loyalty

Tue, 18 Feb 2020

The more business owners and IT managers I meet it surprises me how many companies are putting up with unsatisfactory levels of IT support service and noncompetitive pricing.  This is simply because their innate loyalty is preventing them from taking what would normally be an everyday informed business decision.

Loyalty   -Measure of commitment based on obligation or, in consumer preferences, degree of satisfaction

It is because our innate loyalty allows us to think that no matter how poor the IT support or price we are receiving is, our perception is that it is still better than the perceived risk and disruption of changing suppliers.

This is rarely true and this is highlighted in the success of such companies as U-switch, Compare-The-Market and others who continue to successfully persuade us to put aside our innate loyalty in order to benefit from a better pricing and service.

A fresh look at IT support…

The true fact of the matter is, and certainly in the Business IT support sector in which I have worked for over 30 Years, that with a well-designed, documented and managed on-boarding process in place there should be no disruption, inconvenience or hassle to switching providers at all. The decision should solely be based on suitability, value for money and service level agreements rather than fear of disruption and feeling trapped with an unsuitable provider.

At SADS IT the hand over process is designed to ensure we fully understand every aspect of your business’s IT infrastructure.  From the overall topology to every user account, application password and device before we meticulously plan how migration will take place and discuss and agree this with you.

A dedicated IT project manager will manage the project every step of the way.  Working alongside our technical director and team, he will ensure a smooth transition within the timescale given as well as working with you to implement any agreed enhancements along the way.

Are you ready to change your IT support provider?

Don’t let your innate loyalty prevent you from getting the service levels and value for money from your IT provider that you already expect in all other aspects of your business.

Call us today and let us challenge your perceptions. 0344 8111167  [email protected]

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