How can Microsoft Sharepoint help your business?

How can Microsoft Sharepoint help your business?

Tue, 29 Nov 2022

Microsoft Sharepoint was launched in 2001 and is a web-based collaborative platform that includes document management and storage. It has many benefits, including native integration with Microsoft Office and the fact that it is highly configurable. It provides a simple tool for any business to upgrade how content, knowledge, and applications are shared organisation-wide, making collaboration much more seamless. If you are considering Microsoft Sharepoint for your enterprise, then these are some ways it can help.


  • Improving productivity by transforming business processes – Microsoft Sharepoint can help to significantly improve efficiency within any organisation, as it makes it easier to complete simple tasks quickly and easily. From notifications and approvals to complex operational workflows, Microsoft Sharepoint includes various tools, such as Power Apps and Power Automate specifically designed to help any business do more where productivity is concerned.
  • Optimising the potential for sharing and collaboration – Particularly since the pandemic, it has become vital for enterprises to be able to share and collaborate in an effective and centralised way, no matter where members of a team are located. Microsoft Sharepoint is designed to empower teamwork, whatever that team looks like, with a versatile range of options that will accommodate every type of team. Everything within Microsoft Sharepoint can be customised to suit the specific needs of individual businesses and teams. Collaboration is not only effortless but also secure, something that is vitally important where there are members of the team working remotely. The software facilitates cooperation across teams and devices, from PCs to mobile.
  • Start using information sharing as a tool – With Microsoft Sharepoint, it’s simple to provide information to employees through your intranet and start using this to improve cohesion and stability in the business. Common resources can be easily shared among individuals and teams and it’s very easy to keep everyone informed. Microsoft Sharepoint is also a fantastic tool for storytelling, engaging people with beautiful communication that is designed to inspire and motivate. As with every aspect of Microsoft Sharepoint, there are options to customise at every level, including personalised, targeted news on the web and mobile apps.
  • Creating a single, centralised source of knowledge to better support the business – Microsoft Sharepoint provides extensive content management options and many opportunities for any business to maximise the potential of all the knowledge that it contains. This includes powerful search tools and a wealth of smart ways to uncover information, insights and expertise that can be used to make a real difference to the business. Connections and conversations are well supported via Yammer so that your organisation can optimise all the combined expertise and knowledge already within it going forward.


Microsoft Sharepoint contains a lot of resources, including a hybrid cloud solution, the FastTrack Productivity Library and access to the Microsoft Sharepoint Tech Community. It is a vital tool for businesses that are keen to improve collaboration, connection, and knowledge sharing – and reap the benefits of that.


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