How can SAGE accounting software benefit your business?

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How can SAGE accounting software benefit your business?

Mon, 30 May 2022


 SAGE & the benefits for your business

Prior to the digitisation of accounting, the process was often perceived as being arduous and could be riddled with human error. The arrival of accounting software in the 1980s provided an alternative to manual analysis and recording of financial data and offered opportunities for much greater efficiency. Today, SAGE is one of the biggest names in accounting software – recognised by 90% of UK accountants – and has evolved to offer a broad range of options for processing the financial information for your business.

What does SAGE do?

There are many different functions within this accounting software – it will collect, manage and analyse your financial data so that you can view, review and process it in a way that works for you. Some of the functions of the software include updating customer and supplier records, automatically calculating payroll, valuing stock, automated updating of the general ledger and altering of stock levels, as well as analysing sales and creating VAT returns.

What are the benefits of SAGE for your business?

SAGE is a comprehensive package of accounting software that you can tailor to suit the specific needs of your enterprise. These are just some of the benefits of working with it.

  1. Minimising human error: A computerised system means that there is almost zero chance of human error affecting the way your numbers are processed. Small mistakes, such as inputting the wrong numbers, can have a big impact on manual calculations and, ultimately, the financial standing of your organisation. Ruling these out is vital and only possible by using accounting software, such as SAGE.
  1. The cost question: Working with a system like SAGE makes accountancy easier to manage, which can considerably reduce the number of human hours that are required to ensure that it is being correctly logged. SAGE software is available at a manageable monthly cost, which means it is easy to plan and budget for. When compared to the costs that can be involved in manual accounting, especially around times of financial deadlines, SAGE offers a much more cost-effective alternative.
  2. Access everything in real time: Out of date financial information is almost useless. When you’re using SAGE it’s simple to see real time transactions and cash flow data, to get instant information, such as which transactions have been processed or whether you have the resources to cover incoming costs.
  3. Streamlining the accountancy process: One of the major obstacles to efficient accounting for many businesses has been the perceived complexity of the process. Using SAGE simplifies and streamlines accountancy, even as the business becomes larger and more complex and there are more compliance issues to take into account. Under the current conditions, manual accountancy can feel overwhelming but using a system like SAGE creates a streamlined approach that is much easier to manage.

Given the increasing complexity of accounting requirements today, and the volume of data involved, it makes sense for any business to use a system such as SAGE to stay ahead of the curve. To find out how the team here at S.A.D.S IT can help with your business’ accounting requirements, please visit the ‘Sage Development’ page on our website to see the services we offer, or contact our team via email at [email protected], or call us on 0344 811 1167.

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