How effective cyber security can help your business grow


How effective cyber security can help your business grow

Mon, 1 Aug 2022

Digitisation is a key goal in any business environment today. It can help to improve efficiency and productivity and provides opportunities for organisations to create new ways to move forward and cope with challenges. However, it also creates vulnerabilities – mass digitisation is a goldmine for hackers – which is why cyber security is such a vital tool if you want to give your business the chance to grow.

Cyber security can enable or inhibit growth

It’s a common misconception that the function of cyber security is simply to manage risk and protect. A high-quality IT security strategy will provide the basis on which any organisation can tackle the challenges – and opportunities – that arise from doing business in a digital environment. A strategy that is focused on ensuring the design and execution of your products and services – no matter what happens along the way – is a vital part of growth for any enterprise.

Protecting consumer data

Personal or sensitive data falls into business hands every day and there is now more need than ever to ensure that this is being properly processed and protected. If your cyber security is seamless this creates a clear competitive advantage over those businesses that haven’t invested in this and are more likely to put customer data at risk. It’s an advantage that can be promoted to customers and used to show why your business is the more credible.

Cyber security = business success

89% of executives make the link between IT security and business success. And many others are quick to notice how concerns over cyber security can put obstacles on the path of some of the most crucial areas of growth. For example, 71% say that concerns over IT security have impeded innovation. However, despite the clear importance of cyber security when it comes to growth, cyber security strategy is something that only around half of business boards actively participate in setting.
Cyber security is more than an IT expense
Effectively using cyber security for business growth means bringing it out from under the IT umbrella and recognising that this is an organisation-wide issue that needs attention from the highest levels of the business. Avoiding issues with cyber security can save any organisation millions, which is cash flow that can be pumped back into other areas of the business to help it thrive. It helps to avoid spend that may be required on remediation or mitigation in the wake of a cyber security issue and can also boost confidence within the business when it comes to launching new initiatives.

Cyber security – what you need to consider

The IT security needs of every organisation will be different. However, there are a few areas that are always essential, including the way employees handle sensitive information, how data is managed outside of the cloud, designing governance policies, vulnerability assessments and what to do in the event of a breach.

Effective IT security requires input from across the business – where this is successful it can provide the fuel to help your business continue to grow.

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