Why you should be implementing cloud computing within your business


Why you should be implementing cloud computing within your business

Wed, 2 Feb 2022

Cloud computing has been game-changing for businesses keen to grow and develop in recent years. No matter what your business needs to thrive this year, some combination of Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) will provide it in a secure and cost-effective way. With this in mind, our team here at S.A.D.S IT have put together a list of some of the benefits that implementing cloud computing solutions within your organisation can bring.

Streamline your IT costs for 2022

If you’re setting up and running your own data centre, then this usually comes with huge costs, both upfront and ongoing in terms of maintenance and repair. Using cloud computing solutions means that all of these expenses are passed to the service provider and your business need only pay for precisely what it needs. Subsequently, if you’re a small organisation, you may not have the money or resources required to have an internal server system or team, and so outsourcing this service is both practical and beneficial for business growth.

A more agile approach

With a business model that integrates cloud computing, your organisation has access to instant flexibility. Employees can work from anywhere, securely accessing data and systems remotely and maintaining communication and collaboration wherever they are.

Ease of scalability

Every business evolves over time, and cloud computing makes it much easier to adapt and respond to these changes by scaling your IT infrastructure accordingly. There is no need to plan for, or pay for, reserve resources as you’ll be able to buy any extra that you need by upgrading in a matter of minutes.

Options for growth

Cloud computing provides a wealth of different options for growing your business with tools such as PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS; each of which is cost-effective and instantly available with little or no upfront cost. You’ll have a choice of services, infrastructure and platforms as well as many different providers on offer for you to choose from that best suit your business’ needs and goals for growth.

Backup and business continuity

If you’re not using cloud computing then the responsibility for backing everything up falls to your internal team. This can be costly and time-consuming and mistakes or time lags may mean that the resources you need for business continuity in a crisis moment simply aren’t there. With cloud computing, the backup is automatic and taken care of on a regular basis by the cloud service provider. Access to data and systems continues even if your systems go down – because they are not stored on site, you’ll still have access even in the event of something like a fire or flood that destroys the premises.

Improving data security

The options for security in the cloud tend to be more dynamic and advanced than many businesses can create in-house. You’ll benefit from the latest and most sophisticated protection and it will be much more difficult for anyone trying to get into your systems to do so.

From improved security to better scalability, implementing cloud computing within your business can facilitate a range of benefits across your organisation. To find out how the team here at S.A.D.S IT can help support the set-up of your business’ cloud computing infrastructure, visit our ‘Cloud Solutions’ page for more information, contact our team via email at [email protected], or call us on 0344 811 1167.

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