Microsoft 365 Cloud Storage Solution – Is it secure?


Microsoft 365 Cloud Storage Solution – Is it secure?

Wed, 8 Mar 2023

Is Microsoft 365’s cloud storage solution secure?

Security is a top priority for every business today and especially so when it comes to cloud storage. Poor security means compromised data and the risk of your business continuity being interrupted by a data breach or leak. Microsoft 365 cloud storage is becoming an increasingly popular choice for those looking to tap into the benefits of migrating to the cloud. But what does it really offer in terms of security?

Microsoft’s cloud

Microsoft’s cloud is made up of 16 advanced data centres that are positioned in locations around the world and operate continuously 24/7 and all year round. Data is stored in these locations and made available to anyone with the right access and a secure internet connection. So, Microsoft’s cloud is ideal for businesses looking for agility – and robust login credentials ensure that only the people you want to have access to your data will do so. Microsoft’s cloud is responsible for powering the applications on its 356 licensing so it’s an incredibly important part of the Microsoft platform and somewhere that plenty of investment has been made where security is concerned.

How does Microsoft 365 ensure that data is kept secure?

  • Inbuilt security – Each of the global data centres has been specifically designed to ensure optimum security. For example, they are strategically chosen to minimise and mitigate the risk of a natural disaster like an earthquake or a flood. Advanced technology is integrated into the design of these data centres to ensure that they are able to perform at a high level of security. That includes climate control to monitor and maintain conditions, as well as a range of sensors to detect and prevent potential damage from fire or water.
  • The use of secondary locations – Microsoft uses cross-replication with its data centres so that you will always be able to access your data no matter what happens. This means that if there is a problem at a primary data centre (for example, something like a fire), a copy of the data is still safe, secure and accessible at a secondary location.
  • Access protocols and encryption – The most advanced approach to access control is also in place at Microsoft. This means that only those employees who should have access to certain levels of data will actually do so. Barrier security methods prevent unauthorised access on a physical level and strict protocols and encryption provide protection in the virtual world.
  • Preventing any unauthorised access – External threats to security are also comprehensively dealt with by Microsoft. This includes using firewalls and threat detection to not only avoid a situation where access has been gained by an unauthorised party but also to continually monitor and block any attempts to view data. This combination of protection, monitoring and the potential to spring quickly into action should be very reassuring for Microsoft 365 customers.

As you might expect from an organisation like Microsoft, the 365 cloud storage solution is incredibly secure and is continually being evolved to ensure that this remains the case. We are a cloud service provider with extensive experience, able to support you in Microsoft 365 or a hosted service. Access cloud service solutions from lead vendors, including Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, to give your business true flexibility and agility in the future. Get in touch with us today.

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