Switch your IT support company in 2023

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Switch your IT support company in 2023

Wed, 21 Dec 2022

Is it time to switch your IT support company?

The right IT support company will make you feel like you have complete confidence in the systems and architecture you are using – and that there is a safety net in place if things go wrong. It might be time to move on if you have concerns about your current provider or have noticed a negative service change. These are some signs that you need to switch your IT support company.


  • You are not impressed with the response times – Responsiveness is a vital part of the relationship between an IT support company and a client organisation. It is a crucial element of business operations, and if something goes wrong, you want to upgrade, or there are problems on the horizon, you want to know that your current provider will respond quickly. If response times are dropping, a new IT support company could deliver a better service
  • Your current provider is not scaling alongside you – Many people choose an IT support company when they are a start-up, and it can be a productive relationship – until the business grows. It is vital that you are with an IT support company that is aligned with your business growth. If you have outgrown an old supplier, then it is time for a change.
  • Problems keep recurring – Part of the role of an IT support company is to prevent this from happening. It is inefficient for issues to recur so a proactive IT support company will focus on finding fixes that allow your business to move on from the same old problems. If you are repeatedly experiencing the same everyday issues – no matter how small – your business is potentially losing time and money. With a new IT support partner, you could enjoy more productive IT that runs smoothly.
  • Confidence levels have dropped – It is essential to have peace of mind regarding your IT – are you happy that you can handle a crisis, navigate a cyber-attack, or respond to industry changes? If your current IT support partner does not make you feel like all this is possible, it could be time for a change.
  • You are not getting a proactive service – Some IT support partners will only focus on being reactive, i.e., if something goes wrong, they spring into action. The optimum IT partner is one that is proactive, not reactive. So, they are always working behind the scenes to ensure your business is using the best possible technologies and always staying ahead of the game.
  • You have a digital transformation agenda – Embracing the latest technology and finding the equipment and infrastructure that will optimise your business can create a real competitive advantage. A new IT support partner can make digital transformation a smooth and successful process and ensure that the investments you make in IT are helping you grow and not holding you back.


From a loss of confidence to a lack of responsiveness and recurring problems, these are reasons why it makes sense to switch your IT company. SADS IT is trusted by businesses across the South East as a professional, secure and reliable IT support company.

If you’re having issues with your current provider, contact us today! We’d love to hear from you.

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