Simple Cyber Security Measures for Small Businesses

Simple Cyber Security Measures

Wed, 22 May 2024

No matter what your industry is, cyber security is surely a vital part of your business planning.  Thanks to the interconnected world we all operate in today,  small businesses are just as much a target as an organisation with deeper pockets. It can be challenging to find the resources to ensure the best possible cyber security for your business – but there are some simple measures in this guide that you can start with.

Simple Cyber Security Solutions

Create a cyber security infrastructure – This is essentially all about getting clear on your business’s cyber security policies. The policies should cover everything, from what to do if a breach does occur to network security and your policies relating to the use of mobile devices. Policies like this need to be regularly updated to consider evolving threats – every few months is ideal – and ensure that these are clearly communicated to your staff and they understand the importance of such policies.

Have a firewall as your foundation – Firewalls are the first line of cyber security defence for business owners. Most operating systems will have an inbuilt firewall but it’s often worth investing in something more advanced for devices. A hardware firewall can also protect all devices on a single network – but remember that this will not protect those employees who are working from home on their own networks.

Invest in anti-malware software – Every device and computer that your business uses should be protected with anti-malware software, especially those that are being used outside of the office. If you want to make sure that this protection never lapses, then ensure that you check the box for automatic updates.

Protect all company mobile devices against threats – Given how much we use mobile devices in business today it’s no surprise that they are often a target. Effective protection often means investing in a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to provide protection even if devices are logging in on open Wi-Fi networks. It can also be useful to buy your own mobile devices that are strictly for use on business networks only – if there is the budget to do so. Strong passwords are also a critical part of protecting mobile devices against threats – as is training so that your staff can recognise phishing emails and potential malware and avoid downloading infected attachments or clicking on links.  Ensure your staff are fully aware of the threat caused by using unprotected personal mobiles for business activities.

Implement regular backups and updates – This is basic cyber security for small business owners – and so simple to do. And yet, it is so often left until the last minute, or even until the worst has happened and it’s too late. When operating systems and software are up to date they are protected against vulnerabilities and patched to ensure that hackers can’t take advantage of any problems in the software – that’s why this is so important. Backing up should be a weekly task for a small business owner. But if your business is constantly acquiring new data then this is something that you might even want to do every day.

If you’re a small business owner looking to improve the cyber security measures you have in place these are some of the best places to start.

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