Take a fresh look at your ‘Proactive IT Services’

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Take a fresh look at your ‘Proactive IT Services’

Tue, 16 Jun 2020

As Kent’s longest established MSP, SADS have been providing their proactive IT services to some of Kent’s fastest growing companies for over 30 years.

Our innovative approach to providing proactive, managed services along with informed, strategic advice from dedicated technical account managers sets us apart from the traditional reactive, break fix services which exist in many less established providers.

Many businesses put up with poor and slow service and advise just because they underestimate how easy switching providers can be when managed correctly.

Are you missing out on proactive IT services?

Is your business receiving the level of service it deserves from your provider in respect to response times, proactive advice or strategic, security and compliance guidance?

Are you fed up with the high turnover of engineers within your providers business resulting in you having to speak to a new engineer every time you call?

Are your costs creeping up every year without any improvement in service just because they think you will never move?

Maybe it’s time to look at what you might be missing. 

SADS will plan and manage the complete migration from your current MSP provider in most cases with little or no disruption or downtime to the business.

Contact us today and we can arrange a time with you to have a virtual meeting with one of our technical account managers to discuss your systems, your requirements and your current pain points and together we can come up with a proactive service level which not only meets your specific business needs but also your budget.

Call us now on 0344 8111167 or complete the form below and we will be happy to get in touch to assist further.

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