The Advantages of Cloud Solutions for Remote Workers


The Advantages of Cloud Solutions for Remote Workers

Wed, 12 Apr 2023

According to a recent study, more than 90% of organisations are using cloud solutions today. The flexibility and agility this offers has become increasingly appealing in recent years, thanks to the pandemic, and take-up has accelerated.

Today, cloud solutions offer any organisation the opportunity to be more agile, to reshape the workforce, and streamline efficiency and cost. And, when it comes to remote workers, there are many advantages to investing in robust cloud solutions.

  • A truly agile working model – One of the biggest benefits of cloud solutions is that it will make your business accessible from anywhere. Remote workers simply need a Wi-Fi connection and they will be able to work in the same way as they would if they were on the premises, with no compromise on security either. This is a much more flexible approach than being reliant on data servers on the premises, which makes it much more difficult to accommodate a remote workforce.
  • Access to a remote desktop – In recent years we have seen the introduction of cloud-based virtual desktops, which has transformed user experience when it comes to cloud solutions and made it even easier to support a remote workforce. This allows remote workers to access their own desktops from wherever they are working as if they were on-site at work.
  • Easy to scale – The flexibility of a remote workforce is part of its appeal and cloud solutions support this kind of versatility because they are so simple to scale. If your business needs to swiftly increase its cloud storage then this can be done in an instant, far more effectively than if working with on-premises storage. Plus, there are many opportunities for generally reducing costs and streamlining resources with cloud solutions so that the business can tap into the financial benefits of a more remote workforce. From the cost of servers to the expense of an IT team there are lots of ways to reduce budgets without affecting performance.
  • Security is a top priority – Many organisations missed out on the benefits of remote workers pre-pandemic because of security concerns. However, the cloud solutions of today come with some of the most sophisticated and cutting-edge security available, often more comprehensive than anything that could be achieved on-site at the business. Tools such as access management give enterprises options in terms of protecting data and systems, while still ensuring that remote workers can connect to what they need to work.
  • It’s much easier to collaborate today – There doesn’t need to be a gulf between a team working in the office and remote workers today thanks to the way that cloud solutions facilitate collaboration. Ease of access to files and data, as well as the simplicity of sharing this make collaboration simple via cloud solutions. Plus, plenty of platforms now exist – such as Microsoft Teams and Dropbox – specifically to make this easier and more streamlined.

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Cloud solutions provide a way for businesses to be genuinely agile thanks to the benefits they offer for supporting a remote workforce. We are able to support you in Microsoft 365 or a hosted service. Access cloud solutions from lead vendors, including Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, to give your business true flexibility and agility in the future.

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