Structured data cabling & the benefits to your business

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Structured data cabling & the benefits to your business

Mon, 16 May 2022

The benefits of implementing structured data cabling within your business


Most businesses today are dependent on cabling systems to help ensure that digital communications are seamless and effective. These cables support telecommunications in a building, whether that is an office, data centre or block of flats. Data cabling is crucial to our living and working environments, especially as IT infrastructure becomes increasingly vital within the digital age. But just what are the benefits of opting for a structured data cabling approach for your business?

Why you should implement structured data cabling

A first-class data cabling infrastructure supports all the telecommunications within a building; not just now, but in the future too. To demonstrate the benefits of this, the team here at S.A.D.S IT have put together a list of incentives as to why your business should consider adopting this solution:


Futureproof your business: From AI to IoT, the future of all our buildings is going to involve tech integration. Installing a reliable data cabling architecture now will give you options when it comes to efficiency, productivity and reliability in the future. Your business will be able to adapt, stay competitive and take advantage of all the benefits that tech development has to offer, as you’ll have an infrastructure in place to implement it.


Adjustments are simple: With structured cabling there is a clear architecture, with supporting documentation, which means that any certified installer can make network adjustments. There is much less pressure on management to oversee, and understand, the cabling architecture, as would be the case where it was chaotic or disordered.


Minimise errors & streamline management: Data cabling organised in a consistent structure is easy to manage and designed for each individual environment. When this has been professionally designed and installed it leaves very few opportunities for errors.


Access higher bandwidth: Structured modern cabling systems are able to support more bandwidth than older cables because they use the latest generation copper and rapid fibre optic cables with higher capacity.


Troubleshooting is straightforward: Clearly organised data cabling is much simpler to troubleshoot, as it has been designed purposefully and methodically. This minimises the time it takes to troubleshoot issues, reducing consequences such as downtime too.


Simple to adapt and scale: In order for a business to be agile it must be able to be responsive to change and an organised cabling infrastructure is a vital part of supporting easy deployment of new services.


Ensure business continuity: An effective, modern cabling system has a positive impact on productivity and helps to avoid downtime, both of which are vital to ongoing business continuity. IT downtime costs businesses £3.6 million per year, so structured data cabling is an investment that can make a big difference to the bottom line.

Here at S.A.D.S IT, we specialise in structured data cabling solutions that utilise the latest technology and are compliant with all relevant industry standards. To find out how our team can help you get set up with the right infrastructure for your business, please visit our ‘Data & Voice Cabling’ page on our website for more information.

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