The Benefits of Managed Cloud Solutions


The Benefits of Managed Cloud Solutions

Wed, 22 Mar 2023

There are clear advantages for any business in making use of the cloud today. From efficiency to reducing costs and ensuring effective disaster recovery, it simply doesn’t make sense not to. However, there are many different ways to do this and not all provide the same guarantees of optimisation. For any organisation keen to make the most of investments in this technology, managed cloud solutions provide some clear benefits.


What are managed cloud solutions?


Effectively, a flexible and versatile way to ensure full or partial management of your business’ infrastructure or cloud resources. There are many different ways to access managed cloud solutions and this can be done at any point in using a cloud-based solution. It can be especially helpful at the point of migrating to the cloud from the perspective of making the right choices about configuration and requirements. Management is available for any type of cloud, whether public, private or hybrid and will give any enterprise the opportunity to optimise the investment made in cloud services. Managed cloud solutions can look like whatever the business needs most, whether that is configuration, maintenance, security or optimisation.


What are the benefits?


  • Integration support – Any business can benefit from having support when it comes to managing cloud solutions, especially when working with a hybrid or multi-cloud environment. That’s because these types of environment need a more involved configuration during deployment and the level of integration necessary tends to require considerable expertise. The alternative is to hire in-house talent, which can be a very expensive process and generate a high ongoing cost. Even cloud-only and single-cloud environments can be more easily handled with managed cloud solutions. The benefits of expert intervention at the point of integration and configuration are many, including ensuring that systems can be accessed easily and apps and resources are available without any issues.
  • Optimising available resources – Limited resources don’t have to mean limited service, especially where you have access to the expertise to make the best possible choices for the business. A managed cloud services provider can intervene to help your organisation ensure that it’s making the best possible choices when it comes to cloud solutions. That might be the right pricing model or how to configure services to get the most from them. Metrics, data and reporting can also be generated to help improve existing configurations.
  • Budget-friendly, predictable cost – Managed cloud solutions are a reliable and predictable expense, which is essential in the current climate of challenging costs. That’s especially so when compared to the use of in-house resources where management and support of owned equipment all fall on the business in terms of cost and time. Spending each month is accurately predicted and budgets tend to offer more flexibility and value for money where managed cloud solutions are in place.


The benefits of opting for managed cloud solutions range from cost to enjoying the best possible service and access. SADS IT is a cloud service provider with extensive experience, able to support you in Microsoft 365 or a hosted service. Access cloud solutions from lead vendors, including Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, to give your business true flexibility and agility in the future.

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