What elements can enhance your IT infrastructure?

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What elements can enhance your IT infrastructure?

Mon, 12 Sep 2022

Today, there are many more elements to IT infrastructure than there have ever been – and most will enhance the capacity, performance and scalability of your existing resources. Not making the most of all the opportunities on offer can mean losing ground to competitors and failing to optimise when it comes to efficiency and cost. But if you’re planning to enhance your IT infrastructure what elements do you need to consider?


The cloud


Migrating to the cloud, whether public or private, opens up a huge spectrum of opportunities to enhance your existing IT infrastructure. This is where you’ll be able to better handle changing consumer needs and adapt to flexible consumption models as well as work with developers via a platform they already use. From facilitating greater collaboration to extending the value of your enterprise applications, the cloud has a lot of enhancements to offer.


Better data management


Being able to harness the power of your data is a crucial part of progress today and there are elements that you can add to your IT infrastructure that will make this much more straightforward. Look for options that provide a broad portfolio of storage solutions and inbuilt opportunities to gain insights from your data, as well as organising it in a compliant way. The best options can be deployed quickly, responsive to your data storage needs, and provide an optimised storage environment.


Improved security 


There are simply no excuses for not implementing robust security today, especially as the consequences of not doing so can be severe. Security protects data, which is the currency of the modern economy and ensures that your business isn’t vulnerable to external attack. All round encryption is going to be essential here, as well as measures that will monitor activity and alert where something seems amiss. The requirement for improved security isn’t purely about enhancing IT infrastructure but also ensuring that your organisation is meeting minimum compliance requirements too. Regulation today imposes significant penalties where inadequate security has exposed data to potential theft or misuse so measures such as encryption are a vital part of enhancing and protecting your IT infrastructure – and financial future.

Improved storage


As mentioned, storage is a crucial part of data management and there are many different storage options to consider today. Some of those that could enhance your IT infrastructure include flash storage, which is ideal to meet the needs of high-performance application requirements for data that is frequently in use. Software-defined storage is vital for digital transformation while hybrid storage is ideal if you’re looking for an optimised combination of storage media.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Moving forward, AI and machine learning will increasingly be at the heart of progress when it comes to IT infrastructure. So, this should be firmly on your radar, especially when it comes to choosing the right processor architecture and server hardware.

From investing in AI to improving data management, there are many steps that any business can take to enhance IT infrastructure going forward. At SADS IT we’re experts in helping businesses in Maidstone & surrounding areas build a solid IT infrastructure, through our professional & trusted IT services.