Why should businesses conduct WiFi surveys?


Why should businesses conduct WiFi surveys?

Mon, 10 Oct 2022

WiFi is an essential resource for every business today. Whether you’re an office or a retail store providing access for customers and using networks to operate equipment, good strong WiFi is non-negotiable. That’s why WiFi surveys have become so popular – they provide the opportunity to get clarity on the WiFi situation where you are and to ensure that the network you have access to is going to be the right one to serve your business.


The benefits of conducting WiFi surveys


Conducting a WiFi survey is the basic step any organisation needs to take to ensure good connectivity in the workplace. This is essentially the process of identifying areas within the premises that are ideal for WiFI hotspots and those that are going to be WiFi ‘not spots.’ Going through the process can save a lot of time and money further down the line. These are just some of the benefits of doing it.


  • A fast and reliable internet connection – Every business will benefit from a fast and reliable signal that provides a seamless service and this will depend on the WiFi infrastructure that you choose. A survey will reveal the best locations for routers, boosters and Wireless Access Points so that your building is fully optimised to ensure you get a fast and reliable service. You’ll get the most from your connection and the best possible return on the WiFi investment you make.
  • Exposing existing issues – Many organisations have already had WiFi installed for some time now but there could be significant problems with the existing set up. It may be that there are too many devices using one network or the router is located in a position where the signal is being obstructed and, as a result, the service you’re getting from your WiFi is poor. Maybe you have a large number of people using a single WiFi network spread across a broad area and this is what’s causing the problems. Whatever the issue, a WiFi survey will help you to identify where the problem is originating from and what you need to do to solve it.
  • Improving security – If there was an attack on your WiFi network do you have the security measures in place to protect your business? This is another key factor to bear in mind when considering a WiFi survey, which could help make sure your security is robust.
  • Ensuring you’re using the right provider – and getting the best deal. Your business can use a WiFi survey to understand whether your existing WiFi network investment is performing well or whether it’s time to switch or upgrade. With the insight you’ll get from a WiFi survey you’ll be able to plan better for the future and also make cost savings without any negative impact on the service you’ll enjoy. It’s also an opportunity to invest in technology that will adapt as WiFi equipment and solutions continue to evolve.


From ensuring you have a fast connection now, to trouble shooting and future-proofing your network these are just some of the reasons why WiFi surveys make sense.

SADS IT can help you understand your WiFi capabilities and see if your business would benefit from an upgraded network, contact us today and we’ll be in touch!