Why your business should be utilising cloud computing


Why your business should be utilising cloud computing

Mon, 26 Apr 2021

As the momentum has built behind cloud computing in recent years, it has become increasingly obvious that more traditional computing models have a lot of limitations. Problems with the reliability and scalability of older IT approaches, as well as ensuring that your business remains competitive, have meant that many more organisations have now started to utilise cloud computing to improve the flexibility and functionality of their company. By partnering with an experienced cloud service provider means you can rest easy in the knowledge that your business data, website and other relevant If your business doesn’t yet benefit from this infrastructure, the team here at S.A.D.S IT have put together a number of key reasons as to why you might want to consider making the switch.

Cost savings – Utilising cloud-based software reduces the need for your business to invest in specialist in-house equipment required for data storage and protection. Here at S.A.D.S IT, our cloud servers are centrally maintained and managed by our team of in-house specialists, meaning that your business data is safely secured from external threats and potential data breaches. In addition, the implementation of a cloud network for your business will improve your energy efficiency, reducing your bills and thus improving your carbon footprint.

Collaboration & Accessibility – Cloud computing makes collaboration on projects a much more streamlined process, as employees working in different locations can quickly and simply access the information they require. This is now more important than ever in light of the events of the past year, as remote working has now become the norm for many businesses. Furthermore, this increases your flexibility as a business, as staff can work on external projects with a secure connection to the information they require.

Security Updates – Vulnerabilities are automatically created when systems are not up to date, and this is a problem that many traditional IT models can suffer from. When working with S.A.D.S IT, our cloud computing platform avoids this potential risk via 24/7 server maintenance and frequent security updates, meaning you can have peace of mind when it comes to the security of your website.

Disaster Recovery & Backup – Disaster recovery planning is essential for any business in the modern world; however, it can often be a costly and time-consuming process. This is where S.A.D.S IT’s cloud computing network comes in, as our software is designed so that servers have frequently updated backup versions of your stored information, meaning that even in a critical scenario, your data remains safe. Furthermore, during a disaster situation such as a website or data breach, secure access to your business data can be essential to ensuring business continuity, survival, and recovery.

Suited to Individual Business Needs – Businesses change and grow, and cloud computing is much better suited to growing with businesses than traditional IT models. For example, changes to bandwidth and storage requirements can be automatically accommodated with a cloud computing model so that optimum performance is always achieved even under heavy workloads. Using cloud computing can also help to ensure optimum uptime and increase website speed, as well as enabling automatic software integration, in turn removing the need for someone to manage this process manually.

Cloud computing continues to offer a vast range of business benefits, from greater cost efficiency to a higher level of flexibility and security. To find out more about how S.A.D.S IT can support you with cloud computing, visit our ‘Cloud-Based Solutions’ page for more information.

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