Does your business need cyber security services


Does your business need cyber security services

Tue, 22 Nov 2022

The short answer to this is: yes. Every business needs to have some kind of provision for cyber security in place. Cybercrime is running rampant and, especially since the start of the pandemic, cybercriminals have been incredibly resourceful in terms of the lengths they will go to when it comes to trying to access systems and data. If your business doesn’t currently have adequate protection then you may need cybersecurity services to ensure you stay safe.


Why might your business need cybersecurity services?


Every business, large or small, is going to face that moment when a cyber attack happens. Gone are the days when cybercriminals would only target big businesses. Thanks to the vast array of data that every enterprise has today, all could be profitable targets. Phishing emails, for example, are becoming increasingly common and very sophisticated. Employees may appear to receive an email from another employee asking them to click on a link or download a file and this can be so convincing that many do it. Robust cyber security services can help to prevent this from happening – and ensure that, if it does, swift action can be taken to minimise any damage.


Two key benefits of cyber security services


There are two important ways in which any business can improve cyber security and this can be rolled out with the support of a services provider.


  1. Training employees –

    A workforce can be the strongest line of defence or the biggest vulnerability and it’s often training that makes the difference. Almost 90% of breaches today are the result of human error so training goes a long way to protecting your organisation from one of the most obvious cyber security risks. This might be training that focuses on how to identify a cyber security threat, including what the most current threats are. It may be focused on how your people can deal with a threat if it exists, whether that’s reporting it or removing it. As cyber criminals are constantly evolving the way that they attack it’s vital to ensure that everyone in your business is ahead of the latest developments – this is something that a cyber security services provider can help you with. Training could also be focused on ensuring effective password security or establishing email policies.

  2. Establishing a backup/disaster recovery plan –

    When a disaster happens it can escalate very quickly so it’s very important to plan for this in advance. We are less likely to make effective decisions in stressful situations so a clear way forward is a must. Up to 60% of businesses never reopen after an IT disaster – and this usually is due to the inability to restore data. Working with a cyber security services provider on a backup and disaster recovery plan that will ensure business continuity is a must.


Cyber security services provide the peace of mind of knowing that your business is being protected by professionals and that you have all possible measures of defence and recovery in place. SADS IT is a leading provider of all IT support services, including cybersecurity, across London and the South East. We provide businesses with ongoing cyber security support and help guide them through the process of passing their cyber essentials accreditations.


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