How has IT revolutionised modern business?

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How has IT revolutionised modern business?

Wed, 5 Jul 2023

There have been a number of key moments in the evolution of businesses, the Industrial Revolution being one of the most significant. However, arguably the most transformative has been the arrival of Information Technology (IT). Since IT became a factor for businesses the pace of change has increased significantly and we have seen organisations take huge leaps forward in terms of productivity and growth. These are just some of the ways that IT has revolutionised modern businesses.


The Effects of IT Adoption on Modern Businesses


  • Creating the foundations for digital transformation – Every business in every industry has gone – or is going – through the process of digital transformation. This is something that has allowed enterprises to overhaul how they operate, optimise internal resources and provide a more comprehensive and credible offering to customers. Digital transformation supports collaboration, agility and flexibility and has largely been made possible by access to third-party service providers.
  • Opening up markets – IT has been the channel through which businesses can go much further than the limits of a local market and reach customers anywhere in the world. Often, all it takes is a website and effective IT infrastructure to reach markets that are thousands of miles away and otherwise would have been completely inaccessible.
  • Streamlining costs – The cost efficiencies of technology are widely available today, even to the smallest enterprises. From employing automation to minimise labour costs to using enterprise management software to minimise costs associated with accounting and back office, there are so many ways in which the right IT investment can help to bring costs down.
  • Accessible ways to drive growth, productivity and development – Hardware and software solutions have made it possible for smaller enterprises to access the kind of systems and resources that were previously only available to corporations with huge IT investment budgets. From automated marketing to inventory systems, IT support offers so many ways to grow.
  • Improving collaboration – With the right IT tools any business can improve internal communication and collaboration today, with tools that are designed to simplify the way that we work together and make teams more efficient. Especially during the pandemic, this provided vital infrastructure that kept many organisations functioning. This type of technology is key for ensuring that people are all moving in the right direction and that goals are being driven by real-time data and accurate business insights.
  • Facilitating remote working environments – There would be no effective remote working without IT so this has been a real revolution in modern business. It’s not just in the context of the pandemic that this has been vital but also with respect to reducing costs associated with office space and providing the infrastructure to make businesses more agile.
  • Ease of use of analytics – IT puts information about consumer behaviours, sales conversations, website performance etc in the hands of any business that is looking to use business intelligence to generate more sales and improve customer service.

From the ability to streamline costs to improving collaboration and creating worldwide access, IT has had a truly revolutionary impact on modern businesses.


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