Outdated IT Software Is Undermining Your Business

How Outdated Software Is Undermining Your Business

Wed, 19 Jul 2023

Juggling Between Old and New Technologies

It’s a commonplace scenario to only upgrade the software or replace hardware when it’s either outdated or has completely failed. This practice often stems from the belief that full-scale replacements might cause major disruptions, making the step-by-step approach seem more appealing. However, there’s likely to be a piece of hardware or software that’s crying out for an update, and delaying it could be more damaging than you might realise.

Why Do Businesses Hesitate to Update Their Technology?

Several reasons contribute to this hesitation:

  • Fear of High Costs – The financial investment required for updating ageing technology can indeed be significant. For instance, in 2020, global expenditure on digital transformations reached an astonishing two trillion dollars. However, the hidden costs of not updating could potentially outweigh the upfront costs.
  • Concerns about Productivity Loss – Business owners worry about the time it takes to update hardware and software and train the team on the new technology, which could interrupt productivity in the short term. Yet, 35% of business owners are not prepared for the impending digital transformations, thereby risking long-term productivity loss.
  • Resistance to Change – Many business owners adopt the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mindset, preferring to stick with old systems until they become completely non-functional to save costs. However, this could result in unforeseen production loss during tech replacements.

The Hidden Costs of Outdated Technology

Old technology can lead to loss of productivity, increased costs, and other hidden issues:

  • Increased Operational Costs – Old systems typically lack the energy-efficient features found in newer technologies. By continuing to use older technology, your business could be incurring higher energy costs.
  • Neglected Business Processes – Outdated technology can force employees to deviate from established business processes to achieve their goals. This not only disrupts workflow but also potentially opens the door to problems.
  • Costly Repairs – Emergency IT support due to unexpected system failure can be far more expensive than planned, preventative upgrades and support.
  • Limited Flexibility – Older technology often lacks the flexibility and security needed for remote working, which has become a necessity in the modern business world.
  • Loss of Customers – Outdated technology can also impact your relationships with customers. Slow processing times, communication delays, and potential security breaches can damage customer trust and loyalty.
  • Increased Security Risks – Older systems are more vulnerable to cyberattacks and may lack the security features of more modern systems. This exposes your business to significant risks, particularly if you handle sensitive customer data.
  • Missed Opportunities – Outdated technology can prevent your business from capitalising on new revenue opportunities if you’re constantly dealing with IT problems.
  • Employee Stress – Poorly performing technology can increase stress levels among employees, leading to decreased productivity and motivation and potentially higher rates of sick leave.

How Often Should You Update Your Tech?

While the frequency of updates depends on the specific equipment or software system, a general guideline is as follows:

  • Laptops: Replace approximately every three years.
  • Operating Systems: Regularly update as prompted by the provider.
  • Desktop Computers: Replace roughly every three years.

Ensuring Your Tech is Always Up-To-Date

The most effective way to keep your technology updated is by partnering with a proactive IT support provider. They can continuously monitor your systems, applications, and software, ensuring that they are always up-to-date and functioning optimally.

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