VoIP & The BT switch off – Is your business ready?

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VoIP & The BT switch off – Is your business ready?

Wed, 29 Dec 2021

The UK’s old analogue public switched telephone network (PSTN) has an expiry date – it will switch off in 2025. Service providers such as BT are moving all customers over to a fully digital network well in advance of that date.  By 2025, all phone lines in the country will be digital and PSTN will no longer be required for routing calls.  Calls will come in via IP (Internet Protocol) VoIP system instead.

What does this mean for your business?

The PSTN network will be completely disabled by 2025 and every home and business will be subject to this switch over. The reason for the shift to digital is one of infrastructure and resources. Many of the cables that we are reliant on for services, such as phones and broadband, are old fashioned copper cables.  Many of these are parts of the network that have been there since the 19th century. Whilst they are still able to provide a basic service, the speed at which technology evolves today means that it’s almost impossible to optimise services available without upgrading the infrastructure.

What are the benefits of doing this?

For individual businesses there are plenty of them. For example, calls can be taken or made from any device, using the same number no matter where you are. Business applications and systems will be more integrated and the use of the cloud will make any business more agile. Also voice over IP can be delivered at a much lower cost.

Why is the digital switch so essential?

Countries such as Japan, Germany and Sweden are already moving over to digital networks. PSTN networks have been switched off in the Netherlands and Estonia due to transition completion. More and more homes and businesses are increasing their internet communications and consumption demands.  This places more pressure on the infrastructure supporting them.  That is why it’s so vital to have robust digital networks in place to prevent your business from falling behind.

What do you need to consider before the switch over?

Although there is still time, we advise businesses to begin to consider, budget and plan for any necessary changes required. This won’t just affect phone services but anything that is currently using the old network. It may affect a wide range of functions within your premises, from EPOS machines through to CCTV and even door entry systems. All functions will need to be reviewed before the switch over happens. One of the simplest ways to move business functions to a purely digital model is to accelerate a switch over to VoIP phone systems.  This will allow your business to use the power of the internet,  connect and communicate with your team and clients alike.

It remains vital to ensure that your business is ready in advance for the 2025 switch off. To find out how our team can support you during this transition, please visit the ‘VoIP Phone Systems’ page on our website, contact our team via email at [email protected], or call us on 0344 811 1167.

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