Why Regular IT Audits Are Crucial

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Why Regular IT Audits Are Crucial

Tue, 10 Oct 2023

There are a lot of misconceptions around cyber security but probably one of the most dangerous is the idea that you can simply set it up and then leave it. We have seen a large increase in the number of attacks against businesses, large and small, in recent years – and this is likely to continue to escalate. These are some of the reasons why this trend makes it vital to ensure that regular IT audits are being done.

What is an IT Audit?

An IT audit is a comprehensive assessment of an organisation’s information systems and the practices surrounding them. This process evaluates the system’s security, compliance, and overall effectiveness, ensuring that IT supports and aligns with the organisation’s strategic goals.

• Cyber criminals Don’t Stop Evolving

Which means that the list of cyber security threats continues to grow and change too. Simple steps, such as a lack of security – that could be easily spotted during an IT audit – can prevent the worst from happening and ensure that business is up to date where protection is concerned.

• Patching Processes are Key

A regular IT audit will show you how your business is dealing with security patching, which is the process of applying the security patches that are released on a regular basis by software companies. A lack of patching is opening the door to cybercriminals and is one of the most common ways that attacks happen. With a regular IT audit you’ll be able to ensure that patching is being done right across your entire IT infrastructure, including operating systems and software applications.

• Compliance Requires Minimum Standards to be Met

Given the large volumes of incredibly valuable data that most organisations hold today it’s no surprise that stringent regulations have been put in place to ensure that IT infrastructure is robust and protective. The scope of these regulations can vary depending on what your business does. A regular IT audit will be a key part of the process of ensuring that your business has the right standards in place to ensure this compliance.

• Remote Working has Changed the Cyber security Landscape

In fact, it has opened up many more opportunities for cyber criminals to access systems that they shouldn’t. Changes like this can create a lot of loopholes and vulnerabilities and the only way to stay on top of this is to regularly review your IT infrastructure through IT audits. These can be used to check whether network security protocols are efficient, for example, and putting measures in place to mitigate cyber security risks, for example using two-factor authentication. As the working world continues to change – but remains reliant on IT – audits offer a way to stay on top of adjustments.

• Employees need to know what’s going on

Your workforce is essentially your first line of defence when it comes to cyber security – and can also be your biggest weakness. One way to ensure that your team is an asset is to keep them regularly updated about the latest threats to the business, as well as any vulnerabilities. An IT audit has a key role to play in this, providing vital information that everyone can use to protect your enterprise.

Support Your IT Infrastructure

Regular IT audits not only safeguard your systems but also ensure your IT infrastructure is streamlined, efficient, and primed for business growth. Utilising an IT support company, such as SADS Ltd, can allow you to dive deep into patching processes, regulatory compliance, and bolster your team’s IT know-how. Contact us today to harness the full power of your IT setup with our expert IT support services.


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