Virtual/Hosted servers

Reduced costs and downtime, improved efficiency, Faster Server Deployment.

Our servers are located in a world-class data centre with multiple fast connections. Behind our firewall, additional security on our servers helps to keep your data safe from unwelcome intruders.


Why implement a server virtualisation strategy?

  • Reduce costs, hardware & maintenance, virtualisation can seriously reduce IT budgets.
  • Minimised downtime due to quick and easy replication and deployment.
  • Improve disaster recovery due to more efficient means of backup and minimised downtime
  • Increase uptime, the ability to quickly recover and move a virtual machine from one server to another
  • Prevents long outages.
SADS - Servers
  • Save energy by migrating physical servers over to virtual machines lowers monthly power and cooling costs.
  • Dedicated or shared hosted server solutions.
  • Extend the life of older applications by virtualising and encapsulating the application and environment without the need to keep hold of the very old and dusty machine hidden in the corner.
  • Easy to move into the cloud, virtual servers are both scalable and moveable across virtual platforms.

On Premise server support
Prevent downtime and keep your systems running.
We offer comprehensive server support for on-premise servers through the entire lifecycle of the server including final decommission. Our IT support team can ensure you stay ahead with essential upgrades, maintenance and repairs. This support can be extended to ensure backup management, capacity planning and updates are also covered. Using server monitoring software our support engineers review any of your server incidents that have been raised so potential issues are spotted before they can cause an issue to your business. We understand how important it is to your business to minimise downtime, which is why our IT support team will take care of any issues that may arise, quickly and efficiently.

Web Hosting
Our web server solutions enable your website to deliver fast, rich user experiences.
Our web servers are housed in secure data centre with multiple fast connections – pivotal in ensuring that your web site will run smoothly and continuously with faster load times. We provide firewall protection and additional security on our web servers helping to keep your web site safe from unwelcome intruders. As your technology partner we can also help with website design and domain management.

Proactive server monitoring
Proactive server monitoring keeps your network at peak performance and reduces the likelihood of future problems and network downtime.
Using specially developed software we can monitor and manage your system continuously and our real time system monitors your servers activity and alerts us via SMS and email to any faults or anomalies, almost before they happen All alerts are checked by our support team managers and directors, both in and out of office hours and acted upon as promptly as necessary. With PSM you can be assured that whatever happens, your systems stay up and running.


Server recommendation & supply

Bringing you the best solution at a great price…

Many businesses are reliant on the performance of their servers. Servers should be reliable and as a business owner you expect your servers to be secure to protect company data, efficient to keep costs down and scalable to cater for future demands.

With such an important job to do, choosing the right server takes time, research and expert advice.

We’re here to help and save you time………….

At sads IT we have a breadth of knowledge and experience on a majority of software and hardware offerings on the market. Not all technology advances are reliable therefore we research and test our recommended products to ensure that they are fit for purpose and within budget, giving you total peace of mind.

Over 30 Years of providing IT Procurement services has enabled us to build some great supplier relationships offering a comprehensive range of major brands at keen pricing.

Looking for the best advice and the keenest prices for an upcoming Project?

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