Boost your business privacy with a dedicated server

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Boost your business privacy with a dedicated server

Mon, 22 Aug 2022

A dedicated cloud server is a hosting option that means you don’t share your server with anyone else. It is leased privately, which can deliver a much higher degree of privacy and also provide more control. A dedicated server avoids issues such as slowdown where there are a lot of people using the same server and also comes with a host of options with respect to systems and hardware.

How does a dedicated server boost privacy?

If you’re dealing with sensitive, personal or confidential data, using a dedicated server could be a really smart move. If you’re working with a dedicated server then you are the only party that has access to that server and this instantly boosts the security and privacy that can be guaranteed by the arrangement. You’ll have far fewer concerns about the data on your server being subject to theft or being compromised in some way. This is different to a regular cloud server, which is shared between a number of different clients, and potentially has many more security vulnerabilities.

What are the other benefits of a dedicated server?

Streamlined approach

A dedicated server is very simple, it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and you won’t need to employ an entire team of people to look after it. This gives you the freedom to focus on other core areas of your business without worrying about whether you have the right hosting or being concerned about the privacy of the hosting you have available.

Improved performance

Dedicated servers are designed to serve a single client, which means their capacity is never going to be siphoned off and used elsewhere when you need it. As a result, you can expect a more enhanced performance than you might from a shared server and applications will run faster than they would if they were being hosted in the cloud or via an SaaS server. The purpose of a cloud server is to provide memory capacity but if you’re looking for performance and speed then dedicated servers are clearly the best choice.

A more cost-effective option

Initially, it may seem as if your best option, costs-wise, is the cloud server. However, lower up front costs can quickly escalate as you need to add more capacity to cope with changes and scale. A dedicated server is a much more predictable cost and one that comes with support already built into the cost should anything go wrong.

Flexibility and versatility

If you opt for a dedicated cloud server then you have access to much greater flexibility. A dedicated server can run multiple applications at the same time, which is not something that other servers can do. You can use the server for everything, from web hosting to ecommerce, data storage and VPNs, adding and improving your options as your needs change.

To find out how the team here at S.A.D.S IT can help your business obtain a dedicated and secure server, visit the Server Solutions page on our website for more information, or contact our team via our contact page.

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