Case Study: Kings Ferry Coaches and The Olympic Project – Metropolitan Police

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Case Study: Kings Ferry Coaches and The Olympic Project – Metropolitan Police

Mon, 16 Aug 2021


In January 2011, SADS IT were approached by longstanding partners ‘Kings Ferry Coaches’, whom we first made contact with back in 2001, regarding their tender for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) transportation project. Working alongside a Software provider, the team at SADS IT was tasked to help build and maintain the IT infrastructure needed to successfully facilitate and co-ordinate the transport of MPS personnel from site to site across the entirety of the Olympic and Paralympic games.

The Project

Our team worked through the specification provided by Kings Ferry Coaches and the MPS to fully scope the challenges and necessary outcomes for the project, which required providing an end-to-end connectivity network to support the logistical challenges faced by the emergency services over this period. The specification involved the installation of servers at a MPS data centre, the set-up and support of Citrix for a secure remote access network (stipulated by the MPS), deploying ADSL connections and 4g routers (before the introduction of 5g) at the relevant sites; all with 24/7 comprehensive support. In addition, SADS IT were also involved in installing PCs, laptops, and printers for the Muster Stations.


The Timeline

Work on the project began in October 2011 when SADS IT embarked on their journey supporting both Kings Ferry Coaches and the MPS. The first step involved visiting the MPS base in Lambeth to fully view, assess, and scope the location of the installation of the server. Working into the new year, our team began to order the necessary equipment and software for the project, and by May 2012, the team had successfully installed two dedicated secure servers into the MPS Datacentre. The final part of preparation for the event involved the installation of PCs, laptops, and printers at remote Muster Stations. These police and coach bases were located across the capital at Blackheath, Uxbridge, Hatfield, Avery Hill, Battersea, and Wandsworth to ensure comprehensive coverage of the various events at various locations.

The Outcomes

The hard work and dedication of the SADS IT team culminated in the glorious summer of 2012 with London playing host for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Over the weeks that followed the lighting of the Olympic torch in the stadium at London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, SADS were able to ensure the successful installation and 24/7 support of the connectivity network for the emergency services across London.

Through an amalgamation of planning, due diligence and ingenuity, the team at SADS IT was instrumental in supporting both Kings Ferry Coaches and the MPS in securing the games and maintaining connectivity throughout the Olympic Games. As the summer faded and the games came to a close, SADS IT removed the servers from the MPS data centre at Lambeth and provided quotes to Kings Ferry Coaches that utilised the servers used during the Olympics, retaining Kings Ferry’s legacy of the games.

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