Microsoft 365: Supercharge the growth of your business

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365: Supercharge the growth of your business

Wed, 16 Aug 2023

If you’re familiar with Office 365 then Microsoft 365 is the next evolution. This highly effective suite of cloud-based productivity tools and applications can help any enterprise to hit key goals, such as improved productivity, better communication, and much more effective collaboration right across the business. In fact, if you’re looking to supercharge growth in your organisation it’s going to be an essential tool – here’s why.


Why does Microsoft 365 reign supreme?


  • Facilitating improved collaboration – No matter where your teams are based, Microsoft 365 makes collaboration smooth and seamless. Chat in real time, share files, host audio and video calls and use the features of Microsoft 365 to simultaneously co-author documents, spreadsheets and presentations. The suite of tools includes SharePoint and OneDrive so that you always have a unified and secure environment for document sharing.


  • Access from anywhere – Hybrid working has become widespread in recent years and this doesn’t have to cause headaches with respect to access to systems. Microsoft 365 makes files, documents and applications accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Productivity no longer has to take place in an office environment, as it can be supported anywhere.


  • Improving security and data protection – The number of cyber security threats against businesses continues to increase every day so it’s vital for every organisation to invest in systems that protect, as well as offer efficiency improvements. With Microsoft 365 it’s simple to do both, as the software delivers a range of operational efficiency benefits alongside robust security improvements. For example, there are threat protection capabilities, such as Exchange Online Protection, as well as identify and access management tools like Azure Active Directory and regular security updates and patches are automatically applied to ensure that security never lapses or drops.


  • Streamlining costs – Microsoft 365 offers a subscription-based model, which can take away the headache of dealing with up front investment. There is also no need for hardware and servers on the premises, which not only minimises up front costs but also those associated with maintenance and repair too.


  • Better productivity and improved workflows – There are so many tools within Microsoft 365, all of which have been designed to offer upgrades when it comes to efficiency, productivity and workflow. From Word to Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, enterprises have everything necessary to be more efficient, leverage existing skills and minimise the learning curve. Plus, the level of integration and collaboration make more efficient workflows the baseline – and advanced analytics offer constant insights for improvement.


  • Simple to scale and flexible to growth – One of the biggest advantages of Microsoft 365 is the flexibility it brings to any business and the way that this can support scaling and growth. There are lots of plans and options available, as well as features and applications that make it simple to tailor Microsoft 365 to current need – and adapt it in the future too.

If you’re looking to supercharge the growth of your business, Microsoft 365 offers a range of tools and support to make this a reality.


How can SADS Ltd help?


By working with SADS, you’ll gain access to cloud solutions from the worlds leading vendors, including Microsoft 365, Amazon AWS and our very own SADS StreamOut.

Contact us today to get started and give your business true flexibility and agility in the future.

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