Remote working and the challenges that it presents

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Remote working and the challenges that it presents

Mon, 12 Apr 2021

Since the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic back in early 2020, companies have had to adhere to the shift towards remote working for the majority of their staff. As to be expected, with this mass transition came a multitude of challenges, ranging from connectivity issues and the need for secure networks, to slow file access and server restrictions. With remote working showing no signs of leaving, with many businesses stating that they will continue to provide this option to their staff in the post COVID-19 world, the need for an experienced IT infrastructure support provider has never been more paramount. Here at SADS IT, we provide an array of IT solutions to allow for your business and staff to continue to operate smoothly whilst working remotely. So, exactly what services do we provide, and how can they benefit your business?

Supporting your business remotely

At SADS IT, we can help your business in implementing a cost-effective and tailored remote working strategy that suits your individual needs. Listed below are our core support elements that are essential for any remote working team:

Hosting & Cloud Solutions – One of the main challenges that comes with remote working is the ability to access files from your office network. In addition, due to the potentially sensitive nature of some documents, it’s imperative that these files are transferred securely to prevent any potential data breaches. Here at SADS IT, our virtually hosted servers and remote desktop connection means that we can provide your team with access to their office PC files, applications and the ability to amend, save and share documents in real time from the comfort of their home. This is all provided via a securely connected server, meaning that you and your team can work in the confidence of knowing that their files are protected.

Office 365 – With remote working comes the necessity for communication between team members and departments, as well as the ability to remain in contact with clients and support staff. Therefore, having a reliable and easily accessible email/ scheduling platform such as Office 365 implemented into your business allows for streamlined communication and collaboration, wherever and whenever you like. At SADS IT, we provide Office 365 maintenance and set-up, as well as round-the-clock IT infrastructure support, meaning that we are always on hand to provide assistance in resolving any IT issues you may be experiencing.

SharePoint Online – Similar to our cloud hosting solutions, Microsoft SharePoint provides enhanced collaboration within your business by syncing and storing files so that anyone can securely work on their projects from a remote location. Within SharePoint, your staff can create sites to share documents and information with colleagues, partners and customers, as well as manage content.

Cyber Security – As mentioned earlier in the blog, making sure that you have a secure server is the first and arguably most important step when it comes to setting up your staff for remote working. In today’s world, data breaches can cost organisations extortionate amounts of money, as well as seriously damage their reputation, potentially affecting future business opportunities. Here at SADS IT, our hosted servers are located in a secure ISO27001 certified facility that is monitored 24/7 by our internal security team. In addition, the data centre itself has an in-house compliance team, ensuring the safeguarding of your business data and providing you with peace of mind.

To find out more about the benefits of partnering with us here SADS IT when it comes to remote working support, visit our Remote IT Solutions page for more information on what we offer, as well as an insight into our structuring and support process.

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