What are the benefits of using structured data cabling within your business?

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What are the benefits of using structured data cabling within your business?

Mon, 24 May 2021

Within IT infrastructure, ‘structured data cabling’ refers to a comprehensive system for designing and implementing a flexible and future-proof network infrastructure that enables a continuous flow of information. With structured data cabling, businesses can take a much more organised and seamless approach to wiring and connecting their building or offices. The result is an integrated network infrastructure that allows your business to effortlessly add new devices such as laptops, phones and PCs when expanding your operations or growing your team. As a result, a structured data network helps to facilitate growth within a business, as well as aiding any adaptive processes required for future technological advances.

Why is structured data cabling important?

With the modern world’s reliance on the internet growing each day, having a stable, secure and reliable internet connection within your business has never been more imperative for success. For some businesses, their now outdated infrastructure of excess wiring and no standardised set-up procedures has hindered their development and been detrimental to their overall productivity. For example, older and more traditional cabling is often not designed to specific lengths or dimensions, nor is it integrated well within the office space It occupies. In addition, with older network cabling, efficiency reduces over longer distances, which in turn has a negative impact on the reliability of your network. Structured data cabling helps to combat this by standardising a way of connecting your network, enabling all electronics and computers to communicate effectively. This is done by unifying the devices of a modern office together within an integrated IT infrastructure.

What are the benefits of structured cabling?

To further reiterate its importance, the team here at S.A.D.S IT have put together a list of just some of the benefits of integrating structured data cabling and support within your business:

Future-proofing: Due to the scalability and adaptability of structured cabling, your business infrastructure will be able to expand at a much higher rate without compromising your team’s functionality and productivity.

Simplicity: Despite each design being bespoke to its location and purpose, structured cabling offers consistency that makes the network set-up easy to understand. In addition, your dedicated IT team (either outsourced or internal) and installers will have a detailed understanding of how your network is configured, which is useful for any future upgrades.

Upgrading: As the design for these networks are modular, this enables a quick and easy upgrade process for your network when required. Moreover, this allows for you to mix and match vendor equipment without the need to reinstall or alter your cabling to handle new devices.

Simplified troubleshooting: With older cabling solutions, the risk of human error causing an unexpected outage or network issue is much higher due to the presence of unorganised cabling structures. With structured data cabling, all internal devices and equipment are running off one single system, meaning if a problem arises, it’s much easier to identify and rectify in comparison to more convoluted network cabling.

Cost-effectiveness: Structured data cabling is a cost-effective solution that enables the smooth running of your business due to the scalability and flexibility of the network. Moreover, one integrated cabling system reduces overall power and maintenance costs, meaning you can allocate the time and resources saved as a result of this to elsewhere within your business.

Here at S.A.D.S IT, we’ve been installing structured cabling for businesses for over 20 years, during which we’ve kept up to date with modern trends and any changes within the installation process. To find out more about how we can help upgrade your business’ infrastructure, visit our ‘Data Cabling’ page on our website for more information.

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